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This one-day seminar explores topics that will help enhance your skill sets and abilities in AS/400, iSeries, i5, and System i machines. Come hear about the latest V5R4 technology. During this packed seminar, we will be covering very timely topics to help your skills and career. Invest in yourself and attend. Learn what you need to boost your career. This will be our 15th annual Technical Conference.

You canít afford to be anywhere else! Tuesday, October 23, 2007, one full day of intensive System i Technical training, at a great price, right in your own backyard. These are the hottest topics on the System i today.

We have picked a very convenient location. The Danbury Sheraton (same location as last year) located in Danbury CT, which is right off I-84 Exit 2 eastbound and Exit 2A westbound (18 Old Ridgebury Rd, Danbury CT).

Each year we bring the best speakers from our industry to Danbury, CT for this one-day event. The best speakers, their best topics all at a very affordable price. Come hear about SQL with Skip Marchesani, known as Mr. SQL on the iSeries. What about RPG by two of the best RPG speakers, Paul Tuohy and Charles Guarino. Hear Pete Massiello discuss the HMC and how to upgrade your i5/OS. From the IBM Toronto Development Labs hear Don Yantzi discuss everything you need to know about WDSc. From the IBM Rochester Lab, hear Linda Hirsh tell you everything you need to know about iSeries Access (formerly Client Access)

How are you getting your System i education? What new things have you learned this year? Do your skills need updating? Come to the FASUG All Day Technical Conference and learn the skills you need to succeed in todayís environment. Perhaps you are too busy to attend some of the large 3-, 4-, or 5-day conferences. Well then our one-day seminar will be a perfect fit for your schedule, and your wallet. Improve your existing skills by learning from the experts, or learn about new ways to expand your skills. Either way, you will find it here. If you are a programmer, manager, operator, or systems administrator, this one day seminar has classes for each and every one of you, and will provide you with the skills you need for now and the future. Give yourself or your team the information and knowledge to expand their skills on the System i. Todayís I.T. professionals have more demands on them than at any other time. Yet, when do we find the time to meet these demands and invest in ourselves or our employees? Mark your calendar for Tuesday Oct 23rd , for the Fifteenth annual FASUG All Day Technical Conference.

Look over the grid and see the variety of sessions that are offered. Can you afford to stay at work and let technology pass you by? Need some help with fundamental RPG, we have some good solid basic RPG foundation classes. What about Advanced RPG, ILE, CGIDEV2, and AJAX? What about SQL? SQL is now everywhere, and we have the sessions to make you an SQL expert on the iSeries. There are classes on using RPG and XML. What about iSeries Access: access via the web, and running 5250 in a browser? Are you still on OS/400 V5R1, V5R2, or V5R3? Come see how easy it is to upgrade to V5R4. Do you know what the HMC is, how to use it, what an FSP is? Have you realized how much has been added to the AS/400, iSeries, i5, or System i over the years, and the many new features and functions that are available? These sessions will help you get the most out of your investment in the System i. The answers will be found at the FASUG conference on Tuesday October 23, 2007. In one day, you can be exposed to many new topics, as well as learn about existing iSeries technology that you must know. Mark your calendars now, or better yet fill out the registration and send it in.

Whether you are new to the iSeries or even an expert, there is no better place to enhance your System i educational journey. Perhaps you find it difficult to send your staff away or even yourself for a few days at a time? Then FASUGís Fifteenth Annual iSeries Application Development Day is for you. There are 4 concurrent tracks throughout the day. Your hardest decision may be which sessions to attend.


Donít forget, you can attend any session during any hour that you wish. You are not locked into a "track" or just one speaker. You can go to the session that you are most interested in. Learn what you need to guide your shop into the future on your System i.

There are new features and functions being added to the iSeries at an astounding rate. How can you continue to perform the functions of your existing job, yet at the same time learn about these new iSeries features and functions? Invest in yourself by attending the Fifteenth Annual FASUG iSeries Application Development Day. You will learn about: SQL, RPG, iSeries Access, new ways to edit programs using PC based editors (WDSc) integrated with your System i, Database essentials, HMC, FSP, XML, and strategies to help you in todayís programming environments. These are topics that you and your company canít afford to miss.

With so many interesting and informative topics to choose from, why not bring the entire staff so you can have someone attend every session? Your investment will pay for itself many times over. Start your System i Technical journey on Tuesday, October 23rd with FASUG. Bring a co-worker or bring an iSeries friend.

There are many conferences that are available to educate iSeries professionals. We have taken some of the best topics presented at COMMON by some of the best speakers, added a vendor exhibit and "show & tell" area, wrapped this all into a fourtrack one-day format that is within easy commuting distance, all at a very affordable price. With todayís constraints of time, resources, and dollars, where else can you get this much iSeries/400 training for so few dollars.

Registration includes:

FASUGís Application Development Day is structured as a full one-day event, which allows you to upgrade your knowledge & skills in an intense learning environment, without the costly commitment of valuable time.

The day starts with a complimentary Continental Breakfast where you can network with fellow attendees or visit some of the vendors. Conference sessions will start promptly at 8:30 am (registration starts at 7:30 am), and sessions run continuously throughout the day, with appropriate breaks for coffee, lunch, and soft drinks.

Each attendee will receive a CD of all the session handouts, as well as the actual handouts for sessions attended. The CD will be a great reference manual that will allow you to easily have information at your fingertips when you return home.

Hotel reservations

A limited number of sleeping rooms have been reserved at the Danbury Sheraton. Reservations must be made directly with the Danbury Sheraton. We have a block of rooms reserved at a discount price of $120 per night. These rooms must be reserved one month prior to the conference to get the discounted rate. FASUG cannot guarantee availability. We encourage you to send in your registration and make your room reservations as early as possible.

     Danbury Sheraton
     18 Old Ridgebury Rd.
     Danbury,  CT  06810
     (203) 794-0600


We are less than one hour from Norwalk, Waterbury, New Haven, Hartford, New York City, Stamford, Westchester, Greenwich, and Rockland. Less than 2 hours from Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Albany, and Newark. Less than 3 hours from Boston, Providence, and Springfield. Itís an easy commute no matter where you are coming from, or if itís easier stay the night before.

Show & Tell

Our Vendor Show & Tell area will be available during breakfast, breaks, and lunch. Our exhibitors will be able to show you their products so you can experience first hand the benefits each vendor has to offer. Our show size and viewing period ensures you will receive quality time to evaluate the products and services on display. This is a great opportunity to sample some of the vendorsí offerings that are exhibited during the national COMMON conferences. The exhibits will showcase a diverse selection of products and services that assures you will find our show to be both educational and informative.

1 8:30
I Didnít Know You Could Do That Using SQL
Skip Marchesani
iSeries Navigator for Programmers
Paul Tuohy
WDSC: Remote System Explorer Introduction
Don Yantzi
iSeries Access for Web: Overview, Installation, Configuration
Linda Hirsch
2 10:15
Introduction to DB2 UDB Stored Procedures on the iSeries
Skip Marchesani
RPG Tricks and Techniques
Paul Tuohy
WDSC: The integrated iSeries Debugger
Don Yantzi
HMC, i5, FSP, firmware: I really need to understand all this
Pete Massiello
3 12:35
Using Referential Integrity for Control in a Complex Database
Skip Marchesani
ILE by Example
Paul Tuohy
Case Study: Using XML and RPG
Charles Guarino
What you need to know and understand to do successful OS/400 Upgrades
Pete Massiello
4 2:00
Using Triggers on System i, iSeries, and AS/400
Skip Marchesani
Getting Started with CGIDEV2
Paul Tuohy
WDSc: WebFacing 5250 Applications with WebSphere Development Studio
Don Yantzi
iSeries Access for Web: Run 5250 in a Browser
Linda Hirsch
5 3:50
SQL Triggers and Other New Triggers Functions in Version 5
- Skip Marchesani
Introduction to AJAX for RPG Programmers
Paul Tuohy
Case Study: Data Encryption in RPG
Charles Guarino
iSeries Access for Windows and Web: What's New?
Linda Hirsch

Registration Information

Register OnLine or Print out a Registration Form and mail it to:

     36 Mill Plain Rd., Suite 304
     Danbury,  CT  06811
     Fax: (203) 790-6056
     Phone: (203) 744-7854 Ext 10

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If payment is received prior to Oct 9th, you are entitled to the early bird discount payment and the total cost per individual is $225. If after Oct 9th, or paying at the door the day of the conference, the total cost per individual is $275. Please insure you understand that we mean payment, and not just registration.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received in writing (mailed or faxed) no later than October 3rd, will be refunded in full. No refunds for cancellations received within two weeks of the event. Those who register and indicate that they will pay at the door, must adhere to the cancellation policy, otherwise they will be invoiced.

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